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DatWAX story

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Meet me

Hi,I'm Pierre (guess where I'm from!) 

I moved to Australia almost 10 years ago now. 5 years ago I launched with my best mate a side clothing business called DAT. We were selling Dashikis, which are traditional African cotton shirts.

We wanted to add our Paris/Melbourne flavour to it, and explored T shirts with African prints trimmings. Hence Dashiki And Tees. But the reality is manufacturers won't deal with you unless you order massive quantities. This is how I decided to learn how to sew and start making things myself. 

Couple of years ago, I decided to start outsourcing our production to Bali, in a small family run workshop, where quality is on point and workers fairly paid.

Back in Paris, where I'm from (the Suburbs to be exact),

WAX fabric is omnipresent, everywhere you go. 

It is naturally that i started working with it, and renamed the brand to DATWAX.

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